When I was little, I was not close to my paternal grandparents because they live in another city. But during Eid we always went to this town in East Java (Indonesia) visiting my grandparents and spent a few nights there meeting with all of my cousins (my dad has 10 siblings, can you imagine the crowd in that house during eid? 😄🥰)

One of the things I remember very vividly is this room my grandfather made as prayer room. We always pray on time most of the time when we stayed there, because my grandfather always start the iqamah and prayer on time. I can remember me and my cousins sometimes rushed to do wudhu and quickly went into tht room and join in. They don’t nag and they never wait for people who were late. And that made us rush to do prayer on time.

Allah’s scenario of life is so perfect. When I was a young adult I started to drift away from the deen, and I got lost. But with Allah’s mercy I found the religion again. Alhamdulillah. And still even after all this years, after I got lost and back again, and now that I have my own family, this memory of my childhood in this humble small town (which I only spent a small fraction of my lifetime in) is still very vividly engraved in my mind, and my cousins’ too.

What a legacy. One legacy that is sincere and purely for Allah will be remembered by people by Allah’s will even long after they’re gone. I was not close with them when I was little, yet Allah made this prayer ritual as part of the vivid memory I have after all this years.

This deeds that my grandparents did, made me realize how important it is to change yourself first before you expect other people to change. Being a good role model is no easy feat, but if you are sincere to Allah, He will make a way for you and other people who sees you. Don’t need to rush to see the result of the seed you sow, you might not be alive to see the result and that is OK. What is important is your sincerity in instilling love of Allah to your children(or grandchildren), and Allah will do the hard work for you.

May Allah accepts all my grandparents good deeds as sadaqa jariya for them. May Allah shine His nur on their grave, and makes their grave spacious. May Allah forgives all their sins and may Allah grants them a high rank in Jannah

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