Dear N & R,

Did you guys know that Allah has 99 beautiful names mentioned in the Quran? I have tried to learn them on and off, but only recently did I start to feel like learning about Allah’s names should be a priority in one of our family goals. Why? Because Allah is our creator, our helper, and the only One we can rely on in times of difficulty. So shouldn’t we get to know His names and attributes better so that we know how to ask Him the next time we want something? In Indonesia, there is this saying ‘Tak kenal maka tak sayang’. It means, if you dont get to know someone well enough, that means you dont love that person. So let’s try to get to know our Creator so that we can love Him more and more everyday.

The first one I want to tell you guys is Al-Khabir – the All seeing. Because I feel like we would relate so much to the meaning of this name. Allah can see everything. He can see what is apparent and also the hidden. He not only knows about what we do in public, He also can see what we do in secret. What is more is that He also knows what is in our heart. What we are thinking, and feel, and intend to do.

Remember when you get in trouble and Papa and me got really crossed with you guys? and you, N, kept on saying “Well I didnt mean it. I wanted to help! I didn’t mean to cause trouble”, but Papa and Mama kept on giving you the consequences anyway because at that time we really thought that you were trying to cause mischief. Do you know, that at that time, when you heart was feeling sad for being told off for something you did not mean to do. Be certain that Allah knows that you were not trying to cause mischief. At that time, when you cried, Allah gave you so much rewards because He knows very well that your intention was good, even though in the end everyone misunderstood you.

Papa and Mama did not understand because we are just normal human beings. We only see the actions. We only see what’s visible to our eyes at the time we see it happening. Not before, or after. But Allah did. He is the All-seeing. May Allah forgive us.

“He has the keys to the unseen: no one knows them but Him. He knows all that is in the land and sea. No leaf falls without His knowledge, nor is there a single grain in the darkness of the earth, or anything, fresh or withered, that is not written in a clear record.” Al-An’aam 6:59

Isn’t Allah amazing?

Because Allah is Al-Khabir, that means He also knows what is in the past and in the future. He knows the big plan of our life. So maybe sometimes, there are things happening to you which you don’t like. You ask Allah, why you did this to me? Remember this name. Because Allah knows that of which you don’t know.

I remember this one time, I was feeling a bit upset for not able to join an event with my friends because there was something else I needed to do. I looked at the picture of my friends online having fun, and got really sad for not being able to join in the fun. A few days later I learnt that on that area, there was a virus going around, and that some of the people that went there got infected by this virus. I didn’t get the virus because I couldn’t come. So Allah actually saved me from getting that virus. But I was upset because I did not know what was going to happen if I go. But Allah knows. So trust Allah, always. 

How about this example, say if you have a pet, a tortoise, a rabbit or a cat, and you read everything about your pet at the library. You asked a Vet on what to give and what’s not to give. You pretty much know how to take care of this pet, right? So one day, your pet was chewing on cables. You looked at this, and you remember the advise from the Vet and all the things you read on the books, nothing says that chewing cables are safe for your pet. What would you do then? ..

yes, you stopped your pet from chewing the cable because you know they might get electrocuted or poisoned. But the pet does not know what you know. All they know is that the cable looks delicious! After you move them away, they might come back to the cable. You have to shoo them away again. They come back again and you have to pull them out again.

Your pet might get angry at you. A cat might scratch you, a dog might even bite you (happened to me once when I tried to clean his legs from mud!). This is because they don’t know what you know.

Allah is above all comparison, but to make things easier for you guys to understand, this is like how Allah knows more about us and the universe, that He might hold us back from something we really really really want, because Allah knows that by having it, it’s only going to give us trouble in this life and the next. So He puts us in a better and safe position because He loves us so so so very much.

You see, there is so much to learn about Allah. About His greatness and 98 of His other beautiful names. Seek His signs all around you, and be curious to learn more. And please know that Allah is so close to you. Closer than you guys can even imagine. At the time when the worlds are at you guys, cornering you in defenceless position; be brave. For you have Allah with you, at all times.

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