Not many people can do what Zanib Mian does. She can write a good Islamic Book that is simple but carries important Islamic knowledge, in a kid-friendly way. Honestly, I myself sometimes struggle to pass on Islamic knowledge to my daughter because I did not know how to deliver the complex content into a simple and easily digestible way.

This book, for example, is a very interesting way to introduce kids on a habit of calling Allah when they feel scared. It’s aimed at little kids of age 3 – 5 years old. This 32 coloured pages book is filled with great choice of colours, along with captivating caption sizes and illustrations that makes it perfect for the intended audience. It’s brilliant.

I treat this book in my house like a seed, a tawakkul seed. To plant tawakkul in my children’s soul. Whenever this book is being read to, I pray that it will strengthened my children’s trust in Allah at times when they feel uneasy. I pray that they can conquer their fear by scaring that little dark voice inside their mind that belittles their capabilities to be great by constant remembrance of Allah, Al-Aziz. Because honestly, who else can help and protect them other than The One who created them in the first place.

We adults often feel very scared of a lot of things. Sometimes we’re scared we might lose our job, or scared that our health is deteriorating, or that some robbers might enter the house, or scared of strangers if we have to walk in a quiet street late at night. If there is a little bit of that tawakkul seed planted in our heart, we will understand that there is no need to feel scared, because our Lord has taken care of everything for us. All we have to do is try as best as we can, hold our hands up for a du’a, and then the rest is tawakkul. Trusting Allah’s plan. We adults can scare that little monster in our mind that is giving us whispers of worries and anxieties by saying to it “I am not afraid. I have Allah”

So, you see how important this book is to have in every household?

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