Have you ever heard some good news that made you so happy and grateful and glad and enlightened and all you want to do is to just share the news to every single person you meet because you feel like this is waaaay too good to be kept just for yourself?

Well, that is how I feel about this book.

My First Quran with Pictures: Juz Amma part 1, written by Shereen Sharief is a beautifully illustrated book to describe surah, ayah by ayah, with english translation and pictures so it will be easier for kids to understand the meaning of each ayah and the whole surah altogether. It would be a very good base for kids before they start on the tafseer of each surah.

At first, I didn’t know how much of an impact this book would make to the young reader, until I gave it to my daughter. I let her find the surah she was currently memorizing, and then she spent a few minutes digesting the whole page. Then she started to find the ayah, and then the translation, then she started matching the translation with the pictures. And just like that, she started talking about the surah and the meaning of each ayah. And we talked together about the surah. It was Al-Qariah, and Al-Adiyat. I had never had that kind of coversation with my daughter. Firstly because oftentimes I found it really hard to convey the meaning of a surah in a kid-friendly language, and secondly, after a few words came out from my mouth my daughter would lose interest. I was amazed and immensely grateful to God for allowing me to know about this book because it has made it so much easier for me to talk to my daughter about His words.

A few days has passed after we talked about the book, and as we started our hifz time again, I asked her “Ok, so what does Al-Adiyat means?” And straight away she answered. I was shocked. I tried telling her so many times about the meaning of other Surah title, and a lot of times she just did not seem to be interested enough to remember. An-nas for example, took me a lot of repeating to make sure she understands what An-nas mean. But with this book, she remembered it straight away because of the pictures, mashaAllah.

I love the way the illustration make the ayah interactive. My daughter was surely impressed by the picture of Al-Kawthar depicted in the picture above. Of course, I have to remind her that this is just what human can imagine, but later on in Jannah, it will be even more amazing and breathtaking.

Sometimes when I was reading this book with my daughter during our hifz time, more often than not, I was also having a different experience reading it. I actually remember the meaning of the surah better after reading this book because now I have the pictures in my mind when I read some of the ayah. Subhanallah.

One day, after talking with my daughter about this book, I spent a few minutes flipping the pages, reading the surah, and looking at the pictures. I felt somewhat anxious, thinking what if not enough people know about this book? This book has been such a great help for me and my daughter, and I sincerely wish that other people would come across this book too and reap the same benefit, or even more, than we do. I feel like I want to shout this book out and talk about it with a lot of people. But then I remember a khutbah from Ustadh Khalid Basalamah. He said, if something is being done/written purely and sincerely for the sake of Allah, then it will not go in vain. It will go to the right people at the right time, with or without your help. Allah will make sure of it. So do not be afraid that other people will not benefit, and don’t be afraid that the knowledge is not going to spread, because Allah will make sure it stays if you are sincere. May God always allow us to straighten our intention to strive only to please Allah.

If you are considering to get this book for your kids, then please do. It’s such a great book. This book is Juz Amma part 1, so covering An-nas until Al-Balad. May you love it, and find it beneficial the way we do. May this book helps you create a bonding time between you and your kids during hifz. May this book helps etched some understanding of the surahs in your kids memory. May this book brings barakah in every home it goes to.


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